School Supply List

School Supply List

Pacific Middle School

School Supply List and Fees



All Students:

School Planner (purchased at school $5)

3 Ring Binder with front and back pockets (Size: 3 inch)

Pencil Pouch (3 ring pouch to put in binder)

1 package of Dividers with 8 sections

College Ruled Notebook Paper

6 3-prong pocket folders (student portfolios for each class)

Pens (black or blue ink only)

#2 Pencils

Colored Pencils


Highlighters-set of multiple colors

12” Ruler with inches and centimeters

Glue Sticks (Social Studies/Design and Engineering)

5 Spiral Notebooks (2 Language Arts/1Health/2 Social Studies)

2 Composition Notebooks (2 Science)

2-4 Graphic Composition Notebooks (2 Math and 2 if students are taking Design & Engineering)

Scientific or better calculator for home use (Math)

Math: (for Algebra students only)

Calculator –TI-30 or any scientific calculator. 

Design and Engineering elective: (for students taking D&E as an elective:

5x5 quad ruled graphing composition notebook

1 GB or larger memory stick



The Following fees are required for all students:

Planner - $5.00

Science - $5.00

Technology -$10.00


Art Class - $15.00 (Required for students taking Art)

ASB Card - $10.00 (Required for students participating in sports)

PE Uniform - $5.00 Pacific PE T-shirt All Students will have 1 Semester of Fitness

8th grade Students: $25 end of year celebration fee (this will pay for end of year field trip, 8th grade celebration dance, and 8th grade celebration ceremony)

Yearbook: $20-25